Would you like to learn languages the easiest and fastest way possible? Ask Me Anything !! :-)

Ariana Eudith Ojeda Martinez
Nov 11, 2017

Since I was 9 years old I had always been interested in learning English, as time went by I realized I was applying easy but effective techniques on how to improve my learning skills. That is the reason why I am here today. To help all of you on how to develop your communication skills, not only speaking but also writing and listening.

 I was at a language course for 6 years and now finishing my 5 year career on Modern Languages at Valencia, Venezuela. Learning a anguage is not just about the communication part, but also about their culture and traditions, which is also one of the many interesting about languages.

The learning experience is not a one day thing, is linked to perseverance but when you really love something, is comes off easy and really enjoyable.  But with the techniques what I am about to provide for you it will be the best and most comfortable way to have this wonderful world of languages.

This will also help you with your business, relationships with others, either friendships, lovers or just general content to share with others. Learning a language definitely opens many door for you. I can completely verify this. Literally opens the door of the world for you. Since the communitacion is the principal component to any path you want to take in life.

So, my recommendation for you, is to come to My Ask Me Anything, since I will be here to help each and everyone of you in anything you need. Because that is what this platform is for, to help others with the knowledge that you adcquire with experience. Life is about sharing with others, good moments, memories, quality content and more. So, please feel welcome to this platform, please don’t be shy. We are here to help one another. Because I can also learn from you! So, there you go!!

I will be waiting for you! Don’t forget that is possible! Without further ado: Come on, Ask Me Anything !

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Do you have lessons in Mandarin or Turkish?

Nov 14, 8:34AM EST0

Perdón que sea en español la pregunta, pero lo que yo busco es aprender inglés, qué metodos o cómo puedo hacer para aprender sin tener que estar con puro libro?

Nov 12, 10:52PM EST0

do you think a person can learn upto three languages at once ?

Nov 11, 7:10PM EST0

Have you used Callan Method of teaching? 

Nov 11, 2:25PM EST0

Do you think a mere interaction with a foreigner online can also allow us the ability to learn their language and their culture?

Nov 10, 10:26PM EST0

Absolutely, I met a guy from the US when I was 15 years old ( 2012) and since then we have been the closest friends. I consider him my best friend and since then we speak everyday and that allows me to learn not only about the language but also his culture. 

Nov 11, 5:53AM EST0

Which is the most difficult language to learn?

Nov 10, 11:45AM EST0

The one you don't practice everyday.

Nov 11, 5:55AM EST1

Do you have any online access to your classes to learn languages?

Nov 10, 8:47AM EST0

If you are referring to university then no, it's all face to face.

Nov 11, 5:56AM EST0

How do I get in touch with you?

Nov 10, 5:25AM EST0

+58 4149419845. I use whatsApp 

Nov 11, 5:57AM EST0

What are the most important and complex (content-related) ideas my child needs to understand when learning languages?

Nov 10, 4:21AM EST0

I personally think that the most important idea that a child needs to understand when learning languages is that they learn how to differentiate his mother tongue with the language he is currently speaking, It often happens that they mix those two and it becomes a mess, but overall kids are fast learners so there shouldn't be any problem.

Nov 11, 6:05AM EST0

How are assessments designed to promote learning rather than simple measurement?

Nov 10, 3:09AM EST0

Assessments make the students learn, no matter how they are done because by just doing the activity itself will make their brain think and exercise and write will active a part of the it that associates the activity with the learning.

Nov 11, 6:11AM EST0

Can you tell me a little bit about your teaching philosophy?

Nov 10, 2:58AM EST0

The first step into achieving your goal is to LEARN YOURSELF. It's imperative that you acknowledge your weakness and strengths.  What you like to do and what you don't like to do. E.g. I don't like to study the structures as they come in the book since I find it monotone, I'd rather check the examples and see how it is used on a daily basis, since is more practical to me. That is what each one should do to actually enjoy the learning process.

Nov 11, 8:16AM EST0

How do you measure progress?

Nov 10, 2:47AM EST0

I measure progress by noticing how fast it gets to talk and write in the language that I'm learning, if we before it would take me an hour to write and essay and next time it takes me 30 minutes I inmediately see the changes, but of course, that can only happen with constant practice.

Last edited @ Nov 11, 8:34AM EST.
Nov 11, 8:33AM EST0

please tell me your system to learn the language.

Nov 10, 12:28AM EST1

As the reply I gave to VLATKOJANKOV, the first step is to learn yourself and then do the exact things you love while adjusting the new language on that activity, whether is reading, watching series, movies, listening to music, etc.

Nov 11, 1:57PM EST0

How does the school handle standardized testing and prep for those tests?

Nov 9, 9:50PM EST0

I didn't understand the question...

Nov 11, 1:58PM EST0

Did you travel to a different country to learn a language?

Nov 9, 7:54PM EST0

I have travelled to other countries and used my language skills but they have been tourist travelling not studies realted so no.

Nov 11, 1:59PM EST0

My child hates Spanish! How can I get him to like it?

Nov 9, 7:38PM EST0

It depends, is your mother tongue spanish? Because first of all it's really important to teach them that learning that language will connect them to their culture and traditions, not only that but also explaining the MANY BENEFITS that learning a language has. Of course, this is a really complex subject because their age and personality has a lot of influence in the matter, if the child simply doesn't like languages will never learn but will porbably regret it in the future.

Nov 11, 2:08PM EST0

How exactly is learning personalized in a classroom? In the school?

Nov 9, 5:22PM EST0

Having personalized classes in a classroom is not possible, unless there is a private room for the teacher and the student.

Nov 11, 2:11PM EST0

What kinds of questions do you suggest I do on a daily basis while learning?

Nov 9, 5:18PM EST0

What motives me about this language? What do I want to get out of this? Will this help me achieve my goals? 

Nov 11, 2:12PM EST0

Given that there is a regular  effort, How long does it take for someone to become decently fluent in one of the top ten toughest language?

Nov 9, 5:14PM EST0

There is no right answer or wrong answer to this question. Depends on the effort you put into it frecuently. 

Nov 11, 2:12PM EST0

What specific strategies have you found to be most successful when you start to learn?

Nov 9, 5:04PM EST0

Definitely learning while doing something I love, like listening to music and watching movies and series.

Nov 11, 2:15PM EST1

After how long do you think we can start thinking in the foreing language? 

Nov 9, 5:03PM EST0

Probably after 3 months or so.  It's important that you keep it alive, by even talking to yourself in that language. There is no rule just the massive desire to learn. 

Nov 11, 2:16PM EST0

What language would you suggest is the easiest to learn if your native tongue is English?

Nov 9, 5:02PM EST0

The easiest language to learn if your native tongue is English is simply the language you like to most, because if you love it everything else will come easy. Talking by experience.

Nov 11, 2:20PM EST0

What can I do to support language learning in my home?

Nov 9, 4:33PM EST0

There is endless information online about languages, it would just be about taking a short time in the day to only focus on it and practice it step by step, it could be via youtube or another web.

Nov 11, 2:22PM EST0

What method or technique can an adult already with an odd handwriting improve their handwriting or make it look better? 

Nov 9, 3:57PM EST1

This AMA is not about handwriting.

Nov 11, 2:25PM EST0

Do you focus on strengths or weaknesses?

Nov 9, 3:33PM EST0

I focus on strengths to make easier the job of learning.

Nov 11, 2:41PM EST0

Hi Ariana,

First and foremost, congratulations on your achievements so far, very impressive! I was wondering, based on your personal experience as well as the amount of time you personally invested and the dedication you put into the language learning venture, what's the average time frame it took you to learn a different language?

Wish you the best of luck as you finish your career at Modern Languages. 

Thank you!

Nov 9, 3:02PM EST0

Thank you so much for your kind words! There is no specific time on language learning since you can't never really learn everything about a language, you are always on constant learning. But to learn how to communicate effectively around 3 months, for me.

Nov 11, 2:43PM EST1

3 months? Admiring! Arriba los latinos!!! Take care & wish you lots of success Ariana.

Nov 11, 4:02PM EST0

How are creativity and innovative thinking used on a daily basis encourage language skills?

Nov 9, 2:49PM EST0

Everyday, since languages are alive thanks to the person who uses it and there is no robotic way of utilizing it, creativity is needed on a constant basis to grow in the learning experience.

Nov 11, 2:46PM EST0

Which language is the easiest? The most difficult?

Nov 9, 2:42PM EST0

The one you love and the one you dislike.

Nov 11, 2:46PM EST0

How do you prefer to comunicate?

Nov 9, 2:35PM EST0


Nov 11, 2:46PM EST0

What is your favorite language?

Nov 9, 1:26PM EST0

To speak it English, to hear it french and to read it italian.

Nov 11, 2:47PM EST0

How many languages do you know?

Nov 9, 1:18PM EST0


Nov 11, 2:47PM EST0

How do you support kids that are interested in learning a lanuage?

Nov 9, 12:37PM EST0

Kids are the quickest learners so if one can teach their kid a new language at an early age I would completely recommend it!

Nov 11, 2:48PM EST0

Is there such a thing as shortcut to learning a language?

Nov 9, 9:18AM EST0

Not really haha

Nov 11, 2:48PM EST0

What's the easiest way to learn  foreign languages?

Nov 9, 9:08AM EST0

By taking at least 30 min a day to focus on it

Nov 11, 2:50PM EST0

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

Nov 9, 9:07AM EST0

Talking to spanish speaking people, we would help you a lot!

Nov 11, 2:50PM EST1

How is American English different from UK English?

Nov 9, 9:02AM EST0

Pronunciation and slangs

Nov 11, 2:51PM EST0

Do you think learning languages is for everyone? 

Nov 9, 9:01AM EST0

Everybody grows learning a language, so yeah. It's in our nature.

Nov 11, 2:51PM EST0

Do you think audio books are good for learning a language?

Nov 9, 8:56AM EST0

Oh yes! definitely! If that is what you are into

Nov 11, 2:51PM EST0
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