Water and Energy Conservation Myths Just Got Busted in This New AMA Event

Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Conservation of water and energy is undoubtedly a good thing, but there are misconceptions out there making consumers confuse what’s true from what’s not. That being said, Dwight Frye hosts an AMA event to debunk some of these myths for the awareness of everyone. Here are some of his responses:

QUESTION: Is there an online course someone can take in order to be an expert in water and energy efficiency like you?

None that I know of.  But there are several websites that have educational resources.  Try the resource library at a4we.org and the archives of presentations  https://www.watersmartinnovations.com/archive.php

I know of some colleges that have courses you can take to get a degree, but expertise comes from experience.

QUESTION: What is the best long-term approach for conserving water and energy?

Replace plumbing fixtures and appliances with WaterSense and Energy Star labeled products.  The only exception is: do not pay extra for Energy Star dishwashers - they do not save water or energy.  Trying to change habits is slow and usually not sustained.  Changing appliances and fixtures is the best way to save for the long term.

QUESTION: Is it true that if I use lighter shades of paint indoors, I will decrease my energy consumption?

That is somewhat true.  The lighter shades reflect more light, so you will not have to turn on as many lights in the evening to read, knit, braid hair, shave legs, dance the hokey-pokey or complete the NYT crossword puzzle.

QUESTION: How does a dripping faucet not cost you extra on your water bill when water is being wasted?

The drips do not create enough flow to turn the meter.  The typical residential water meter (5/8" pipe size) does not detect flows less than one pint per minute.   Keep in mind that a home could have multiple leaks that combine to a flow greater than 1 pint per minute. The larger the meter, the lower the sensitivity to low flows.  A meter sized at 2" seldom detects flows less than 2 quart per minute.  (Meters are sized according to the pipe size connection).   Also, most water meters tend to lose sensitivity as they age.   I strongly urge you to fix all leaks because water is a very precious resource - do the right thing even if there is no financial reward,

QUESTION: What are some of the best ways to conserve water in order to decrease my water bill?

If you water your lawn, stop watering your lawn.  Change to a 1.28 gallon per flush toilet.  Replace your clothes washer to a model with a Water Factor Rating of 5 or lower.  Change your showerhead to a 2.0 (or less) gallons per minute model.  Turn the shower water off while lathering and shampooing, then turn it back on to rinse.  Use a dye test to check for leaks in your toilets.  Depending on what you have and do currently, these steps can cut your water consumpotion in half.

For more about water and energy conservation, do visit Dwight’s complete AMA event here.

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