Christopher Hepworth

Author of Mystery Thrillers


Author of Mystery Thrillers

Christopher Hepworth lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Anne and four children. He was born in the UK and raised in Zambia in Central Africa like his hero Wilbur Smith. He writes high-octane conspiracy thrillers that address many of the contempory social issues of our time such as climate change, medical malpractice and the abuse of our personal data on social media. His books are full of intrigue blended with thought-provoking historical background and just a touch of romance.

Christopher has worked as a professional negotiator for some of the largest and most famous companies in the world. He has drawn inspiration for many of his colourful characters from the jungle of office politics and the horde of keyboard warriors. His novels are packed with strong female characters that play pivotal roles in shaping the outcome of his stories.

The unlikely hero of his books is the negotiator Sam Jardine who is frustratingly prone to mistakes at the worst possible moments but who ultimately rises to the challenges he must face.


Writing and Negotiaton
  • 5 years as an Author

  • Masters Degree Computer Studies