Christa Linn Legrande-Rolls

Ecologist, Ornithologist, Wildland Firefighter, & GIS Analyst


Ecologist, Ornithologist, Wildland Firefighter, & GIS Analyst

Hello AMAfeed!

I started my career as an ecologist and conservationist in 2012 after spending an incredible summer studying the effects of forest fragmentation on bird populations on public and military lands. My love for wildlife and conservation, however, started when I was much younger. Do you remember the Guiness Book of World Records books with the flashy covers and bold letters? In the 2000 edition, the world's sleepiest animal was listed as the koala; looking at the one-sentence fact (they sleep for up to 22 HOURS a day!) they listed, I had to know more about these marsupial creatures. From that day on, my requested birthday gift each year was a $10 donation to plant 10 eucalyptus trees (koala food and their habitat) for koalas in Australia.

Although my love for wildlife started with koalas, I've come to know and love many creatures and the habitats on which they depend. My passion is striving to learn more about wildlife ecology and conservation while simultaneously taking into account human factors, especially infrastructure development or military endeavors. This consideration of multiple stakeholders and thier needs or requirements encompasses the field of Conservation Biology, and this is where my job gets really interesting.

I'm an ecologist, ornithologist (bird biologist), wildland firefighter, and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) analyst. Look for my AMA forums and feel free to ask me anything! I look forward to chatting with you.


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  • MPS Conservation Biology; BS Environmental Science