Hi ! I'm Jelena, living in city Novi Sad Serbia. City doubled the population in last 15 years. Ecology, recycling, saving nature and animals in fast growing society are my passion. I'm an active volunteer in raising awareness with people and doing projects which help us all to live healthily. Ask Me Anything !

Jelena Babic Nacic
Jun 11, 2017

Ecology in cities is always open chapter, soo lets talk about it and ways how to improve.

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Who is your hero?

Jun 12, 5:39PM EDT0

Dont have 😉

Jun 15, 6:43AM EDT0

What are your biggest plans for the future?

Jun 10, 11:43PM EDT0

I have a dream to open summer ecology camp for kids. 

Jun 11, 3:20PM EDT0

Oooh, that's marvellous! I hope it will come true soon

Jun 12, 12:13PM EDT1

Do you lead any companies against wearing animal fur?

Jun 9, 8:02PM EDT0

Well, nothing organised... but i would love to

Jun 15, 6:44AM EDT0

Hi! That's so thoughtful what you do! What was your most memorable project?

Jun 9, 7:35PM EDT0

Are you a veg?

Jun 9, 10:31AM EDT0

Yes, i am vegan.

Jun 11, 2:53PM EDT0

I know that now we should strictly economize water. How do you do it?

Jun 9, 1:49AM EDT0

What are the main ways to make our planet cleaner, in your opinion?

Jun 8, 10:07PM EDT0

Simply showing humans by personal actions... with big smile 😁

Jun 15, 6:46AM EDT0

How do you sort out things for recycling?

Jun 8, 1:17PM EDT0

Do you remember any very special project for you?

Jun 8, 10:28AM EDT0

Yes, it was this winter. It was soo cold (-20C) and swans in Danube River were trapped in ice. 

Jun 11, 3:17PM EDT0

Oh God. How did you save them?

Jun 15, 9:56AM EDT0

Jelena, to you, what is the cleanest place on Earth?

Jun 8, 6:27AM EDT0

For me, that are North and SouthPole. :)

Jun 11, 3:19PM EDT0

The same with me!

Jun 12, 1:43PM EDT1

What do you think about cars and their influence in our atmosphere?

Jun 8, 6:03AM EDT0

I live Tesla cars, and all other not that famose ecology cars. We need transportation,and it need do be green.

Jun 15, 6:48AM EDT0

do you use electricity at home?

Jun 8, 5:22AM EDT0

Yes, i do.

Jun 15, 6:48AM EDT0

Have you got any animals yourself?

Jun 8, 2:24AM EDT0

At home, i have 11 years old cat and 6 years old dog. 

Jun 11, 3:23PM EDT0
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Do you deal with the deforestation problem?

Jun 8, 12:17AM EDT0

In my contry we have no that problem, thanks God. Forest is all around us 😊

Jun 15, 6:50AM EDT0

Lucky you!

Jun 15, 9:49AM EDT0

Is there any funding for your group or no?

Jun 7, 6:09PM EDT0

That is a touph question. We always have a problem with big projects, cos country I live is not that rich. Mostly self-financed. 

Jun 11, 3:14PM EDT0

You do  great work! I wish you all the best with your projects! Hope the financing will grow bigger for your group

Jun 12, 12:01PM EDT1

Hello, do you have any routine responsibilities or one day never looks like another for you?

Jun 7, 5:49PM EDT0

Well, only routine is to feed animals who live on the street close to my place. The best feeling is when every day is another adventure. 

Jun 11, 3:09PM EDT0
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are you a member of any ecology society?

Jun 7, 5:03PM EDT0

Yes, many local but my favorite is  Ekoloski pokret Novog Sada.

Jun 11, 3:06PM EDT0
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Ok, what animals are most endangered nowadays?

Jun 7, 3:54PM EDT0

My personal opinion is that are animals in water ( rivers, lakes, oceans.. ).

Jun 11, 3:03PM EDT0

Poor things ... I hope we'll find some way of saving them

Jun 12, 8:19AM EDT1

Some people use worms to recycle their rubbish - what do you think about it?

Jun 7, 1:44PM EDT0

Well, it sounds like a cool idea, but I think not every man can have conditions for that.

Jun 11, 3:01PM EDT0

I agree! Personally I think the idea is useful but worms would look so disgusting in some box at one's home!

Jun 12, 12:40PM EDT1

Do you recycle things yourself?

Jun 7, 1:04PM EDT0

Yes,colecting bio from vegetables and fruit, making compost.

Jun 15, 6:54AM EDT0
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